Ujjaval Modi

Senior Executive Engineer, Linde Engineering India

The four years at Nirma totally changed my life. As the cliche goes, I went there as a boy and when I graduated, I was a man ready to take on the world. Nirma, apart from the academics also honed me to take on the challenges life presents. The satellite named Ujjaval Modi was launched into the space named real world in the year 2013 with a tag plate B.Tech (Instrumentation and Controls) from the launch pad named Nirma University. Let me share how this satellite was developed at Nirma!

Expert professors and Veterans of Engineering patented the Concepts of Instrumentation and Controls Engineering. Regular laboratory, project work, alumni talk, Industry expert lectures, tutorials and industry visits blended with soft skills, effective communication skills, team work and leadership skills acted as fuel that gave the necessary thrust to this satellite. The tech and cultural fests acted as GPS that guided the path for the satellite so that it could be put into orbit. At Nirma, we were not only taught engineering, but also motivated and inspired to explore the possibilities and opportunities.

Brand name, Extraordinary Placements, canteen facilitates, Bus facilities and Library were the icing on the cake. For me, the ambience of this place is truly sublime. The four years at Nirma were, are and will be like four life stages of a man. First year is like childhood- you go out and explore the world. The second year is like teenage- you try and understand yourself, your capabilities, and what all you can do. Third year is the adulthood- you know what you can do, you know your limits and you build onto that. And the fourth year is like nirvana- you’ve done everything you could and you sort of relax. It’s like living a complete lifetime.

“Tamso Ma Jyotirgamaya”- As Nirma University’s tag line goes, the journey has been truly transformational-from darkness to light.