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Laboratory Facilities

Laboratory Facilities

The Department of Electronics and Instrumentation is enriched with well-equipped laboratories that facilitate a hands-on experience to students enabling them to understand the concepts thoroughly and be industry ready. The experimental setups are designed to develop the hardware and software skills of the students. The major laboratories of the department are –

Major equipment in this laboratory are :

  • Control valve trainer kit,
  • Pressure to Current Converter,
  • IoT Trainer Kit,
  • Control Valve demonstration set up with cut section,
  • Current to Pressure Converter.

Major equipment in this laboratory are : – Pressure Measurement Trainer Kit Using Bellows, Hall Effect Transducer, Temperature Calibration Setup, Flow Measurement Control Trainer, Level Measurement Trainer Kit, LVDT Trainer Kit, Strain Gauge Trainer Kit, McLeod Gauge Experiment Trainer, Analog Sensor Module, Sensor Laboratory Trainer Kit, Infrared Pyrometer, Robotic Arm 6 DOF DIY Kit With USB Servo Controller & Software (Rki-1558), Robo-Omni: 4wheeled Omnidirectional Robot Diy Kit(Rki-1554), Mechatronics Sensor Trainer Kit, 17 DOF Humanoid Robot Diy Kit With 18 Servo Controller, IoT Robot Module, Arduino Starter Kit, Hexi ware – IOT Docking Station With Click Board, Raspberry Pi Robot Building Kit, Single Axis Mingseg Robotic Kit, UDOO X86 Board, IOT trainer board, E-bike DC Geared Motor, Multipurpose Drone DIY kit, LIDAR 360 Laser Scanner.

Major equipment in this laboratory are : –

PLC System, Ethernet Cable with 15 user software Licence- TWINCAT, PLC System (H/W & S/W) Make: Allen-Bradley, SCADA Software, MATLAB Software, PROSIMLAB-Control & Instrumentation Suite Software (20 Licence), Siemens TIA Package Manager (Single Licence), Digital Input – Output Simulation Module for PLC and Analog Input – Output Simulation Module for PLC, HMI (Human Machine Interface), Computerized Servo Control System (Inverted Pendulum System), LPC2148 Evaluation Board, ARM Processor Boards, Genesys™ Virtex-5 FPGA Development Board, MELSOFT, Magnetic Levitation Setup.

Major equipment in this laboratory are -Computerized Temperature Control Loop (With SCADA software and PC), Advanced Process Control Trainer, Control Valve Trainer Kit, Lab Scale Experimental Setup, Level Trainer, Pressure Trainer, Cascade Control Trainer (Level + Flow), Magnetic Levitation Kit, Phase Lead – Lag Compensator Design Kit, Flow Control Trainer, Analog Controller Trainer Kit, Open Loop Simulator & Close Loop Simulator.


Power Electronics Multi Purpose Trainer Kits, Power Scope, Source Meter, Digital Multimeter With Data Logging Features Using PC, Power Electronics Trainer Kits, Closed Loop Speed Control of PMDC Motor Using SCR Converter, 3 Phase Induction Motor Speed Control Trainer, Dual Converter Trainer Kit, Biomedical Multi Purpose Trainer With Modules And Accessories, Network Theorems Trainer Kit, Transfer Theorem, Series & Parallel Resonance Trainer Kit, DC/AC Wave Shaping Trainer Kit, Bridges Trainer Kit.