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Research Committee

Research Committee

A research committee is established in the Department with an objective to promote a research culture, facilitate research and create a state-of-the-art research facility

Research Committee

1    H K Patel , Associate Professor and Head, Chairman

2    D M Adhyaru,  Professor, Member Secretary

3    Sandip Mehta, Assistant Professor

4    Ankit Sharma, Assistant Professor

The major functions of the Research Committee are listed below-

  • To invite the short term/ long term research plans from the faculty members and monitor the progress of the same
  • To encourage faculty members for research paper publications, funded research projects, patents, etc. taking into account different schemes of the University, Government and external funding agencies
  • To monitor the progress of the research projects of the Department funded by the University/ External funding agencies
  • To explore the trending areas in the domain globally, discuss at department level and propose to create the laboratory / research facilities/ centers
  • To encourage faculty members without PhD degrees to join PhD programs
  • To identify the difficulties faced by department faculty in research related activities